Nutella Whoopie Pies

Nutella Whoopie Pies

The result of me being resourceful in a college student's kitchen, my creation ended up being a hybrid between a boston-cream and nutella whoopie pie. Having a jar of nutella innocently sitting in the cupboard, waiting to be used and whoopie pie being in my list of things to bake, I finished up finals week and set out to bake this comforting little dessert. Essentially, soft, cakey cookies sandwiched together with filling, whoopie pies are ideal for those on the side of cakey cookies in the chewy versus soft cookies debate. I personally prefer cake-like cookies, seeing that pumpkin cookies (which many comment seem to be more like muffin tops) are my favorite cookies ever!
The recipe is derived off of a boston cream whoopie pie recipe from one of my favorite bloggers Annie Eat's. I don't think any of her recipes have ever disappointed me and her site is my go-to for birthday cake ideas to comfort chocolate chip cookies.
The whoopie pie themselves were a delight to eat, mostly because of the colorful visual of sprinkles offset against a backdrop of chocolate. I do think that the straight-up nutella filling did taste a bit too creamy, so I would suggest that if you do choose to use nutella in your filling, you venture the lighter nutella-cream cheese frosting.




Before the chocolate glaze...


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