Heart-shaped Apple hand-pies


Continuing with my posts on apple pie, I was trying to think of a way of sharing pie minus the mess and going through the trouble of having to cut and distribute said pie. I would have loved to venture trying my hand at pie-pops, but after over-zealously producing 300 cake-pops for a LiNK fundraiser last February, I've come to realize that baked stuff on sticks are not exactly as simple as they may be made out to be. Not to mention that I wanted to bake these the day before Thanksgiving break, which left me baking at 10 pm to the wee hours of 2 am. So what is more perfect than hand pies? Individual, minimal mess, and lots of crust (which is admittedly my favorite part of the pie).
The process is a bit more extensive than the usual pie. It was mostly the rolling out of chilled pie crust, chilling the dough before using the cookie-cutters to shape the dough, and re-chilling the shaped pockets of dough after adding the filling that proved time-consuming and a bit tedious.

There is a great tutorial at the I Heart baking blog. I used the America Test Kitchen's Foolproof pie crust and the apple pie filling used in the lattice-top apple pie (except diced up into smaller chunks) for these heart-shaped apple-pies. IMG_3282

1 Pie-crust

Apple-pie filling
2-3 medium applies (cubed)
3 Tb sugar
1.5 Tb brown sugar
0.5 Tb flour
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp nutmeg
1/2 Tb lemon juice
1 Tb butter
1 egg for egg wash
1.) Combine ingredients and toss in a large bowl.

1.) Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, cut out heart shapes from chilled pie dough.
2.) Place on baking sheet and add a spoonful of apple pie filling to each piece of dough.
3.) Place another piece of heart-shaped dough on top of apple pie filling.
4.) Seal the two pieces of heart-shaped dough over the filling. Crimp sides with a fork. Using a knife, create slits for vents.
5.) Brush egg wash over pies.
6.) Bake for 20 minutes at 400 F.

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