Lattice-top Apple Pie

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I confess that I never was a big fan of Apple pie. But, it just felt so complete to bake an apple pie after making the three/four hour trek to go apple-picking. Oh and I guess it helped to make the sound of apple-picking a bit more alluring to the friends I coerced into joining me.

As I mentioned before, apple-picking holds a special place in my heart. Back in elementary school, when our family lived in Maryland, fall brought visits to Homestead Farm. I remember feeling a sense of importance as my dad would hoist me onto his shoulders and I would help him pluck out the apples on the higher branches that in retrospect he clearly could have reached himself. Nowadays, thanks to my siblings' creative application of a light-bulb changer and a significantly improved height advantage, apple picking has become an efficient process that has our family filling up enough bags for us to subsist solely on apples for weeks. Not that I mind.
The first time we discovered the apple farms in Elijay, Georgia was about 8 years ago and before I bit into my first Golden delicious on that first visit, I never knew apples could be so tart, sweet and juicy. Our perpetual favorites have been the Golden Delicious and Rome Beauty apples, but as with any fruit, the best will be the ones at their prime of the season.
Maybe my tastes are evolving or it's a credit to the unbeatable flavor of the apples, but I learned to love apple pie after trying this recipe by Annie's Eats. I also couldn't resist making a streusel topped version of apple pie. Personally, I preferred the lattice-topped version of apple pie as having a more balanced proportion of crust to filling ratio. While the streusel was also delicious, I found the streusel (which I tend to love on just about anything!), to blend into the filling, making the pie a bit too sweet for my taste.

Before entering the oven: IMG_4833

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